Just Sitting…


It has been a ridiculously hard week and as I sit to write this I am grateful for a wonderful window of 15 minutes that taught me a lot.

There has been some pretty big stuff going down in one of the year levels and I’ve had to have some very serious discussions with students, parents and, ultimately, the whole year level.  Both the students and I are fragile as a result.  At lunchtime yesterday, I needed to get out of my office and clear my head.  I also knew that I needed to check on the emotional health of a couple of the students who would have felt they were in the firing line.

I wandered down into the area where these kids hang out and sat in the sun.  (For my non-Australian readers, you have to remember that we have lots of outside spaces and lots of sun here – none of this sitting-in-a-cafeteria sort of thing for us Aussies!)

And that is where the miracle of just sitting started to happen.

I had student after student come and sit beside me and… talk.  Not about anything related to our current challenges.  But about life.  Their life.

One brought his guitar over and we chatted and jammed for a moment.  Another told me about his recent mission trip and what it meant to him.  One spoke about a challenging conversation she had to have with her mother.  A couple were cramming for a Maths test and wanted me to explain something.  One kid dropped a verbal clanger and I was able to call him over for a quiet moment of ‘encouragement’ that turned into a bit of banter and a mutual understanding of where we stand on such things.

Fifteen minutes.  That’s all it was.  And I fell in love with my job again.  And I fell in philos with the students again.

How long has it been since you took fifteen minutes and just sat?


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