On Being Proud


Education is a collaboration between the teachers, the students and the parents.  During the adolescent years, perhaps more than at any other time in a child’s life, the level of advocacy and encouragement kids receive from their teachers and parents has the power to shape a future.  The very words we say, the personal qualities we choose to stand and applaud, and the achievements we acknowledge have significance beyond anything we might ever know.

I was reminded of that in a very personal way today.  My son, who is about to finish school, is a musician and composer. During the past few years he has received much and significant encouragement from a wide variety of people – teachers, family, friends and, of course, from my wife and me.  And today that support was behind him being awarded a second place in a national songwriting competition.

I trust you will indulge me and allow me to do my job as an incredibly proud father.  Please take a moment have listen to his (almost) winning composition.  You’ll find Hayden’s name and a link to his composition in the middle of the list, and you will find some bio on him at the bottom of the page.


I trust you will always seek to recognise the unique individual wrapped up in the life of each adolescent in your Middle Years classes.


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