Am I Getting Old?


I have been teaching at this school for 14 years – a long time by anyone’s definition!  In fact, I’ve been here so long that I’m now teaching alongside past students!  And it has been an interesting process for me…

It has got me reflecting on my teaching from a decade ago (when they were in Year 8).  I’m pretty self-critical of my methods and attitudes from that time, and thankful for my growth as a teacher and as a person.

Now that these awesome people are working alongside me, I’ve honestly had a few ‘I hope they only remember the good bits’ mixed in with some ‘they’ll bring great personality traits to the classroom’ and a few ‘I wonder if his students will give as good as he gave me’.

And I’ve also enjoyed watching them try to decide what to call me now that we are peers.

Mostly, I’m proud that the unimaginably important task of education is being passed on into very capable hands (certainly more capable that I was when I started teaching).  We need the energy, enthusiasm, skill and understanding of these young teachers who remember what adolescence is about for more sharply (and relevantly) that I do.

I look forward to learning from them; being the pupil as they become the teacher.


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