Why Teens Forget


Mia MacMeekin, of An Ethical Island, and I have worked together to create an infographic about the teen brain. It is partly based on a blog post I wrote some time ago to tackle the issue of Teen Forgetfulness. Through lots of research, checking facts, and rechecking facts, we have found that teens forgetfulness may be due to major changes in their brain during the adolescent years. These changes frequently last into the late teen years and, in some cases, well beyond.

While there is research that demonstrates the increased forgetfulness of teens, we also found that research suggests this time period is an awesome explosion of learning and discovery that takes them into adulthood.

Thanks, Mia! It was a great experience to collaborate on these infographics.  I appreciate your graphical skill!

So, friends, have a look below and tell us what you think!

(PS Further information of teen forgetfulness can be found on my blog here and here.)


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