Pass-it-on Stories

Mrs White

Here’s another end-of-year activity I did with my Year Eight English students; a great, short activity that was fun and creative.  As a class, we wrote some ‘pass it on’ stories.

For these, each student started with a blank piece of paper.  Across the top of the page, using just a few centimetres of the paper, the students wrote the introduction to a narrative, giving information about the time, place and the main character’s name, age and gender.  The name alone was written in the bottom of the page for future reference.

This piece of writing was then folded over so it can’t be seen and the sheet of paper passed on to a new writer.  You can probably see what happens next.  Each subsequent student writes a part of the story, the content of which is directed by me, and folds it over so it can’t be seen by the next writer, then we pass the page on again.

Here’s what I set out for them

  1. Introduce the setting (time and place) and the character (name, age, gender)
  2. Introduce the person’s character
  3. “In name’s life there have been many adventures.  One of them was…” Write the first adventure in a paragraph.
  4. Write the second adventure, involving a pet of your choice.
  5. Write a final adventure, involving travel or a place of interest
  6. Write a concluding sentence.

The end result was a whole lot of fun, not only while writing but especially when reading them out.

Sometimes we struggle to keep our teens entertained in the last few days of a school year.  This was a fun, productive, content-focused lesson filler.

The example above was written with my co-teacher as the main character.  Yes, she really does own a snake…  Click on the image for a more-readable version.


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