Connections Shaping Lives

Ever had one of those moments where everything just seems to fall into place and the end result encourages a students in a way you never thought possible?

A couple of years ago, while on a bus on the way to camp, I notices a boy writing in a journal at the back of the bus.  I would never have connected Brian (who has a very complex, challenging background) with writing so I asked what he was doing.  “I’m writing a song”.

I was a bit surprised (to say the least) so I asked to see what he’d written.  Despite the fact that I struggled to get Brian to write anything much in class, he’d put down some deep thoughts as lyrics to a song.  As I dug a bit deeper, I discovered he wrote lyrics quite a bit and had several completed songs.  But he didn’t know how to put them to music.

Aah… connection made.

My son, Hayden, writes a lot of music.  So the challenge was set: if Brian finished the lyrics, I promised to send them to Hayden to see what he might come up with.

The end result was a great collaboration and a very cool end result.  Brian was thrilled to see his lyrics come to life and become ‘real’.

That was a couple of years ago.  The two have collaborated a couple of times now and Brian is developing into a very skilled lyricist, expressing much of the unique elements of his life in this way.

Right place.  Right time.  Right connection.

And, maybe, a life shaped and transformed.


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